Nigel Farage Branded A 'Nazi Alan Partridge' After Being Given His Own Radio Show

Farage Branded A 'Nazi Alan Partridge' After Being Given His Own Radio Show

Nigel Farage has got a new gig now he has stepped down as Ukip leader - as a talk show host on LBC radio.

The Brexit campaigner - who is still an MEP - will have his own show weekdays at 7pm.

But he might not get on all that well with some of his new colleagues. James O’Brien, who has made no secret of his distaste for Farage’s politics, retweeted the following.

Farage has been promoting himself as an informal ambassador between Theresa May and Donald Trump.

In November, O’Brien gave an interview to BuzzFeed in which he explained how he felt about sharing a platform with Farage.

In an interview on LBC this morning following the announcement he was to join the station, Farage welcomed the idea that immigrants should have to learn English.

“Do you remember three or four years ago on your show, I talked about a story of getting on a train at Charing Cross and as it went through south London?” he said.

“I said I felt uncomfortable, because virtually nobody around me until I got past Grove Park spoke English. Do you remember, I was condemned?

“I mean, you would think that I was the new Oswald Mosley for daring to say it, and now we’ve got Chuka Umunna and others saying people must speak English. It just shows you doesn’t it how much the centre of gravity of British politics has shifted.”

Back in 2014, Farage endured a tricky interview with O’Brien on LBC which ended when a Ukip spin doctor intervened in an attempt to get the programme shut down.


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