"I'm actually going to effectively put the phone down," host Nick Ferrari said in frustration.
"British government should not overestimate its impact on the global scene and view China as a rival," Vitor Gao told Andrew Marr.
The immigration minister repeatedly refused to name a lawyer he claimed was working with Keir Starmer to block migrant deportations.
The LBC presenter said: "The Conservatives are failing the NHS, aren’t they?”
The levelling up secretary sidestepped the trip down memory lane, claiming he is just a "pussy cat".
The LBC presenter attacked the prime minister's plan for all pupils to study maths until the age of 18.
Brendan Clarke-Smith told emergency workers on £32,000 a year using food banks to “learn how to budget”.
Newly-appointed deputy PM was left scrambling to find her phone this morning.
"It's a tree house, it's not your family life prime minister," Nick Ferarri told him.