"It's a tree house, it's not your family life prime minister," Nick Ferarri told him.
"I need another coffee," Rachel Maclean said as she tried to laugh off her mistake.
Maggie Throup has been the vaccines minister for more than 100 days but has only just appeared on the morning media rounds.
The LBC presenter sparked nearly 850 complaints with his remarks about the Strictly Come Dancing star in October.
As LBC's Nick Ferrari pointed out: “This is rather hypocritical isn’t it?"
"Being called out on a national radio station by a 67-year-old man is a step too far."
The LBC host claimed, the government's strategy was "almost psychopathic in its in silliness, in its dangerousness".
Damian Hinds blamed "unnamed sources" for alleging the business secretary was lying.
"We need to know the government’s solution to these problems and on that Mr Johnson had not a jot.”
More of us than ever have turned to the radio to find comfort during the most challenging of years.