The PM said he "does not believe in gestures" when asked on LBC if he would take the knee for Black Lives Matter.
Staff member tells HuffPost UK they are glad to see former Ukip leader go, and calls for a person of colour to replace him on the radio.
Another LBC presenter, James O'Brien, tweeted: "We got our station back."
The gesture seized on by people on social media was in fact Johnson mimicking host Nick Ferrari, LBC presenter says – not an indicator to stop.
US president was interviewed by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on LBC radio station.
The British MP said during the phone-in: "This is not a joke".
"What people want to see is officers out on the streets," the former Mayor of London told LBC radio.
During his LBC radio show, James O'Brien spoke about the HuffPost UK report on bus cuts and they can deeply affect a community. He invited listeners to call in and tell their own stories.