'Where Have You Been?' Nick Ferrari Puts The Vaccines Minister On The Spot Over Her Media Absences

Maggie Throup has been the vaccines minister for more than 100 days but has only just appeared on the morning media rounds.
Nick Ferrari quizzed the vaccines minister over her media appearance since taking on the job
Nick Ferrari quizzed the vaccines minister over her media appearance since taking on the job
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LBC’s Nick Ferrari questioned the new vaccines minister Maggie Throup about her lack of public appearances on Tuesday.

Although she took over from Nadhim Zahawi back in September – and there has been an increased emphasis on the booster vaccine rollout in recent weeks – Throup has rarely spoken to the media.

Ferrari began his interview with her by saying: “It’s wonderful to speak to you. It’s been over 100 days since you took your post, and this is your first what’s called ‘media round’.

“Where have you been?”

Throup replied: “I’ve been very busy, I’ve done lots of different media.”

Ferrari then pointed out: “The great [Nadhim] Zahawi, your predecessor, was a busy chap but he found time to come on regularly.

“Why has it taken so long?”

“I’ve been on LBC before, I was on one Sunday, I’ve done lots of media interviews, so it’s always good to be on.

“And you know, it’s such a great day to be on, with this anniversary of the AstraZeneca [rollout],” the vaccine minister claimed.

Ferrari pushed: “So I can look forward to more frequent conversations perhaps, minister?”

“I’d love that, yes,” Throup replied.

The vaccines minister was heavily scrutinised for her most prominent media appearance since taking up her new role, when she featured on the BBC Question’s Time panel in December.

The audience laughed at her when she claimed “all guidance was followed” during No.10′s alleged party back in December 2020 – when indoor mixing was prohibited under the Covid measures at the time.

Throup’s first media round on Tuesday promoted further criticism when she was unable to tell Sky News how many people are currently self-isolating with Covid, or how many hospital trusts have declared critical incidents.

Throup also refused to comment on the “commercial decision” as to why the government is selling off the vaccine manufacturing and innovation centre near Oxford.

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