Nadhim Zahawi

Prime minister considering major changes to government departments as Tory right pushes for tax cuts.
He told Sky News' Beth Rigby to "keep them quick" and scolded reporters for asking two questions.
Nadhim Zahawi's tax scandal is just the latest damaging story to emerge around the PM's top ministers.
What discussions did you have with Zahawi before you appointed him to cabinet?
The sacked party chairman was found to have repeatedly broken the ministerial code.
The Sky News presenter refused to be deterred from the topic, telling Helen Whately: "I do the interview, you answer the questions.”
Rishi Sunak says he should be "extremely proud" of his time in government.
"Zahawi’s conduct as a minister has fallen below the high standards expectedfrom those who serve in government".
"It is clear that there has been a serious breach of the ministerial code".
"It's just appalling, it stinks," The Daily Mirror's Alison Phillips said on BBC Question Time.