Nadhim Zahawi

Minister Chris Philp disagreed, saying: "Innocent until proven guilty."
Chris Philp defended Nadhim Zahawi's appointment as the Tory chairman faces calls to quit over his tax affairs.
The chairman of the Conservative Party's wealth and finances are now being investigated by an ethics adviser.
"An awful lot of people in the country will just be pulling their hair out saying, ‘Can’t you lot just get your act together?'"
Can the prime minister challenge the notion that he is a lightweight politician unable to take the tough decisions?
"Cut the man some slack. We've all done it. Carelessly," people joked about the Tory chairman's alleged £27 million mistake.
The prime minister promised "integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level" of his government.
The foreign secretary was grilled on the behaviour of his Conservative Party colleagues.
The shadow chancellor pointed to allegations surrounding senior Tory figures, saying Labour will “clean up this mess”.
James Cleverly said the Tory chairman will survive until PMQs as he is a "very effective minister".