Boris Johnson Swerves Questions Over £150,000 Tree House In Tetchy Exchange

"It's a tree house, it's not your family life prime minister," Nick Ferarri told him.
Prime minister Boris Johnson
Prime minister Boris Johnson
via Associated Press

Boris Johnson has refused to answer any questions about claims he planned to build a £150,000 tree house at his country residence.

The prime minister did not deny the reports but refused to comment on his “family life”, during a tetchy exchange.

Johnson was accused of trying to build a luxury tree house in the grounds of Chequers.

He was forced to abandon the idea after police raised security concerns, according to a report in The Times.

During a segment on the cost of living crisis, LBC’s Nick Ferrari said: “I read that you want a £150,000 tree house for your children - is that digging deep?”

The prime minister replied: “I’m not going to comment on my children...”

Ferrari hit back: “It’s not your children is it? It’s a tree house.” As Johnson refused to comment, Ferrari said: “Was it true?”

Johnson replied: “I’m not going to comment on things in my family life.”

Ferrari applied the thumb screws: “It’s a tree house, it’s not your family life prime minister!”

The PM went on to talk about infrastructure the government was building as Ferrari conceded: “Alright.”

The Times’ report said Johnson and wife Carrie wanted to build the tree house at the grace and favour retreat in autumn 2020 for their son Wilfred.

Sources said Tory party donor Lord Brownlow was considered to draw up the project, which was said to have been dismissed because of the security risk of the structure being visible from the road, despite the design featuring bulletproof glass.

Brownlow was previously embroiled in the scandal over the refurbishment of Johnson’s Downing Street flat.

Johnson also previously refused to discuss the allegations during an interview with journalists travelling with him in Rwanda.

“I’m not going to comment on non-existent objects or non-existent jobs to do with my family,” he said.

A government spokesperson said: “We do not comment on private or family matters which do not involve any ministerial declarations or taxpayer funds.”


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