Therese Coffey's Alarm Goes Off Live On Air With A Rather Unexpected Song

Newly-appointed deputy PM was left scrambling to find her phone this morning.
Therese Coffey during her LBC interview on Wednesday
Therese Coffey during her LBC interview on Wednesday

Therese Coffey had to interrupt her radio interview this morning to turn off her 8am alarm which started blaring Dr Dre.

That’s right – Coffey, the new deputy prime minister and the health secretary – clearly has a soft spot for the American rapper.

When speaking to LBC on Wednesday, Coffey suddenly started looking a little awkward and reaching for her things.

Host Nick Ferrari noticed, and asked: “Are you alright there, have you got a phone ringing?”

“I’ve just realised my alarm is going off on my phone.”

“Oh my goodness, what is the alarm for?”

She explained: “You’re getting a big of Dr Dre. It’s just an 8 o’clock alarm. Sorry.”

According to LBC’s political editor Theo Usherwood, the song was ‘Still D.R.E’ which was released in 1999, and features Snoop Dog.

″Dr Dre and Dr Coffey as the health secretary, it just gets better and better doesn’t it?” Ferrari quipped, referring to Coffey’s PhD in chemistry.

Coffey seemed quite indifferent about the interruption, exchanging a quick laugh with Ferrari after the incident.

Twitter, however, was pretty surprised.

Coffey’s appointment as deputy PM and health secretary comes after weeks of lending her support to Liz Truss during her campaign to become the next Tory leader.

Truss, who won the leadership race on Monday, completely upended the cabinet as it was under her predecessor Boris Johnson.

Almost all of the ministers who backed her opponent in the contest, Rishi Sunak, have been booted out, which may not help the already deeply divided Conservative Party.

The new cabinet has also been met with intense scrutiny online, particularly Coffey, as she has previously voted against extending access to abortion care.

As the new health secretary, Coffey also has a huge amount of work on her plate. The NHS is still dealing with the Covid backlog, and struggling due to an immense staff shortage.


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