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Social media reacts as Sajid Javid reveals it is a “family tradition” to kiss his wife under the mistletoe.
The French president privately made disparaging comments as tensions ran high over the migrant crisis.
The work and pensions secretary was caught enjoying karaoke as benefits were reduced by £1,000 a year.
Nearly 60% of families with children affected in key marginals, according to new research.
The number of children living in relative poverty was at a record high in the months before Covid hit Britain, figures have revealed.
Work and pensions secretary Therese Coffey is under fire, but allies say she's being quoted "out of context".
Therese Coffey sparks backlash after Twitter reply to England star.
Work and pensions secretary says ministers have based decisions on science.
Today I'm announcing extra support to young people with higher barriers to work, including disabled people, care leavers, and young offenders, writes work and pensions secretary Thérèse Coffey
Our foodbank recently served its 400,000th meal. Meanwhile, the new work and pensions secretary has consistently voted against investing more money into welfare and benefits, writes Natalie Williams
Air pollution in Britain is a pervasive killer, but it is also intangible and invisible. You can rarely see it, you can't always smell it, and it is unlikely you will ever hear it. It is even less likely, apparently, that you will have heard about it if you happen to be a Conservative Party minister.
Minister replies: 'Bit late mate'
A shocked Brexit voter has written to all MPs to express regret for their decision - only to get short shrift from a Tory
If you are six foot tall, in a group of strangers do you tend to speak first to people of a similar height or do you go looking for the smallest person in the room? Why is that? Unconscious bias is innate within each and every one of us. Our instinct will often seek out people we assume are similar to us.
Pensioners who continue to work should pay National Insurance which could then be passed on as tax breaks to firms who employ
Tory MP Therese Coffey is currently getting a bit of flack on Twitter, because she was among a minority of MPs on the Commons
The publication of the Culture, Media and Sport's report into the misleading of parliament by senior news international figures
James Murdoch's decision to step down as the chairman of BSkyB will be seen as yet another sign that the family's grip on
Sunday trading laws will be suspended during the London 2012 Olympics in a bid to cash in on the Games, Chancellor George
James Murdoch has robustly defended himself in front of Parliament's inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World