Therese Coffey's Rwanda Gaffe Has Become A Meme

Here's some other things people are "somewhat astonished" about.

Therese Coffey’s Rwanda gaffe has already become the stuff of legend – inspiring a meme based on her “astonishment”.

The deputy PM under Liz Truss made a geographical blunder on Wednesday in the Commons when MPs were debating the Safety of Rwanda Bill.

The Tory backbencher said: “I have to say I’m somewhat astonished by the speech by the shadow home secretary, who can’t even get the name of the country right, talking about the Kigali government.

“Rwanda is a respected country that has recently been president of the Commonwealth.”

Kigali is, of course, the capital of Rwanda and the country’s largest city, and it is common practice to refer to a national government by talking about the capital of the country.

Coffey later (unconvincingly) tried to cover her tracks ...

But the “keyboard snipers” had already got stuck in ...


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