Hours before she was due to be rescued in Rwanda, Florence Ngirumpatse was hacked to death with her husband and 16 others. But we still don't know why.
Artistic freedom is not an absolute right; viewers deserve honesty. If a director chooses to tell the story of others, a little due diligence should be a minimum requirement.
From Rwanda, to Northern Ireland, to Brexit Britain, traumas of the past can shape attitudes of today
They were the neighbours who used to come to share a beer with my dad. They were the parents of the kids I played football with. My mum worked with them to sort out community programmes
'The impact of going car-free goes well beyond decongesting the city.'
Dr. Claire Karekezi will return to her home in Rwanda in July as the first and only female neurosurgeon in the entire country.
The country's capital city, Kigali, is an anomaly among developing world cities.
There are still too many African leaders addicted to power — even one as effective and beloved as Paul Kagame won't institute term limits.
Identities, ethnicities and traditions existed before colonisation, but colonisers manipulated these identities as a means to remain in power.
Refugees "armed with sharp objects began to assault police offers" which led to tear gas being dispersed, says Rwanda's police.