Social media stars in Albania, Egypt, Iraq and Vietnam could be offered £5,000 to aid failing policy.
Crossbencher Lord Kerr called for a particular group to be exempt from potential deportation.
Lord Tugendhat says parliament "should not even be asked to confront, let alone pass” Rishi Sunak's controversial legislation.
The prime minister has been condemned after agreeing to the £1,000 wager.
"Two rich men gambling over the lives of vulnerable, traumatised people," one person wrote.
Tory grandee says Rishi Sunak overturning a Supreme Court judgement is “very dangerous".
The prime minister has vowed to ignore rulings from the court in order to get deportation flights in the air.
Major general Charlie Herbert said it would be "beyond shameful" in Afghan interpreters were deported there.
The prime minister had begged peers not to “frustrate the will of the people” by opposing his deportation plan.
The unelected prime minister says the "appointed" upper chamber must back his Rwanda plan.