The justice secretary says the move will "inject common sense" into the legal system, but critics are unimpressed.
The chair of the bar council said some had received death threats in the wake of the prime minister's remarks.
Guest Quentin Letts clashed with the presenter over the UK's treatment of refugees, saying: "There's no point talking to you."
The prime minister threw some red meat to his backbenchers by attacking the opposition on rail strikes, Rwanda and Brexit.
'This is a shambles and it is shameful and the home secretary has no one but herself to blame,' Yvette Cooper said.
The prime minister's spokesman said "all options are on the table" after the first Rwanda deportation flight was blocked.
“If you’re not a total racist, please STOP doing this," activist Sunder Katwala tweeted.
One MP blamed "lefty lawyers" after a deportation flight to Rwanda was grounded on Tuesday night.