Controlling illegal migration is more important than “membership of a foreign court”, PM said.
The prime minister pledged to stop asylum seekers making the perilous journey.
Sky News presenter asked the new Conservative deputy chairman: "But you abstained on the Rwanda vote, didn't you?"
The prime minister has insisted his plan is working - but the data suggests otherwise.
The home secretary's 24-hour trip to Rwanda failed to land online.
Tim Farron suggested it all came back to the opinion polls on BBC Question Time.
Tory hopes of getting deportation flights off the ground in spring in doubt as parliamentary "ping pong" continues.
Wednesday promises to be another big day for Rishi Sunak as he addresses 1922 Committee of backbenchers.
The incendiary claim was made as peers prepare to vote again on the controversial legislation.
The backbencher said the outburst was aimed "at no one in particular".