Nigella Lawson Has Given Us The Perfect Early Christmas Gift In New Outtakes Reel

In some ways, she's just like all of us.

Is it really Christmas in the UK if we’re not enjoying some Nigella Lawson TV appearances and recipes?

Well, this Christmas we have an extra special early gift from the chef herself with an almost minute-long video of outtakes from her latest Christmas special, Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas which has shown us that despite being Queen of the Kitchen, she still has her moments of imperfection.

Nigella Lawson outtakes video is every bit as charming as her polished show

The video was posted on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, “Just so you know what my crew actually have to put up with, an outtakes reel! Merry Christmas, all! And thank you for watching xxx”.

In the video, we see Nigella seemingly step on something as she comes down the stairs, struggling to open a wine bottle, spilling crucial ingredients and melting into fits of giggles following a mishap.

We can’t quite figure out what she’s saying in between laughs but we couldn’t help but laugh along, anyway.

It’s good to know that even Nigella doesn’t always get it right!

Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas

Nigella has familial roots in Amsterdam and in her latest special, the chef visits the city to experience and showcase what a Dutch Christmas looks like. From sweet shops and cheese shops to the ingredients that define Christmas dinner in the capital.

According to the BBC, viewers can see her “make a sumptuous chicken biryani and traditional Dutch speculaas along with other recipes that will make for a perfect Xmas feast.”

Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas is available on iPlayer now.


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