Nile Rodgers Clarifies Cheryl Tweedy 'X Factor' 'Snub' Headlines

And he's got receipts.

Nile Rodgers has responded to headlines claiming he “snubbed” Cheryl Tweedy after her performance on ‘The X Factor’ this weekend.

The Chic legend was filling in for regular ‘X Factor’ judge Robbie Williams when Cheryl returned to the ITV talent search for a guest performance on Sunday.

However, shortly after her live version of ‘Love Made Me Do It’, several tabloid headlines claimed he’d “snubbed” her, by refusing to stand up with his fellow judges.

Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

He has since set the record straight on the matter, revealing that he did actually give a standing ovation after the performance, but was simply the first of the four to sit down, which is when the camera cut to him.

I know it must be fun to somebody in a very juvenile way to make up stories and get peoples dander up,” he tweeted. “But don’t do it on a story where someone can check the video.”

Cheryl on 'The X Factor'
Cheryl on 'The X Factor'

Sharing photo evidence that he did stand up, he continued: “I’d never snub ANYBODY. It’s not my nature. Really folks? This is what we’ve come to.”

Cheryl has since responded to the controversy herself, after hitting out at what she called the “unbalanced negativity” and “relentless abuse” she’s received in the media since her appearance on ‘X Factor’.

Describing what she sees as a hypocrisy in the media, she wrote: “What surprises me is that some of these people are the first to write that we should be more socially aware and conscious of online bullying and mental health awareness. Is this any different?”

‘Love Made Me Do It’ entered the UK charts at number 19 the week after its release, after getting generally positive reviews from critics and fans. Read our review of the track here.

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