Kim Jong Un's Untouched Portrait Gets The Photoshop Treatment

Time to fire up Photoshop.

North Korean state media released the first ever un-retouched portrait of leader Kim Jong-Un last week, a move which is completely unprecedented in the country's history.

Since the country's officials didn't Photoshop the picture, some concerned citizens of the internet decided to do it instead.

Combining a few editing battles from Bored Panda, Twitter and Reddit, here's a few of our favourite re-worked pictures of the North Korean dictator.

Several people attempted to turn him into Donald Trump

One made him look like Cartman from 'South Park'

Here he is doing the Truffle Shuffle

Someone noticed his nose looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Here he is as the pig from Looney Tunes

Some thought the picture had actually been retouched after all

Here he is as Heath Ledger's Joker

And in a classic work of art

He also looks an awful lot like Thomas The Tank Engine

And the sun from The Teletubbies

Aaaand here he is as another beloved children's character

Here he is with the obligatory small mouth

And, finally, with Steve Buscemi's eyes