17/03/2016 15:04 GMT

Number Of Under 18s Arrested For Terror-Related Offences Hits Record High

The number of women arrested also rose

The number of under 18s arrested in connection with terrorism-related offences has reached a record level.

According to Home Office figures, 16 children were arrested last year, up from 10 in 2014 - the highest number held since records began in 2001.

The number of women arrested has also risen by 45 in the past year, but there was an overall fall in the number of people arrested in connection with terrorism-related investigations, Sky News reports.

"The overall fall in terrorism-related arrests was driven by a fall in the number of arrests for domestic terrorism, which decreased to 15 in the year ending December 2015 compared with 28 in the previous year," the Home Office said.

Arrests for international-related terrorism increased by 3%, according to Reuters.

Britain is on its second-highest threat level, meaning an attack is considered "highly likely".

The statistics, released on Thursday, reflect reports of British schoolgirls fleeing the UK to join Isis.

Last year, three female students from Bethnal Green journeyed to Raqqa to join the terrorist group.

In January, the families of the trio said they had lost contact with the teenagers and feared them dead.


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