'Ocean’s 8' Stars Cate Blanchett And Sarah Paulson Hilariously Derail Breakfast TV Interview


When Hollywood stars give interviews about their latest films, they’re rarely allowed to go off-message but we’re pleased to see that Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett clearly did not get this memo.

The ‘Ocean’s 8’ co-stars were appearing on US programme ‘The Today Show’, with the intention of promoting the heist movie, but while their chatter went in many directions, they barely discussed the film.

Instead, the duo - who have clearly built a strong friendship - chatted away at a seriously high speed, and when host Hoda Kotb did manage to shoehorn in an ‘Ocean’s 8’ question, she rarely got a straight answer.

Nothing to see here, move along
Nothing to see here, move along
Today Show

After being asked about being one of the first stars to sign up for the movie, Cate joked: “I tried to get out of it when I heard what the rest of the cast was going to be.”

The pair, who also worked together on ‘Carol’, happily roasted each other too, with Sarah pointing out that her co-star missed out on the Oscar for the film.

“Well I played Carol,” Cate jokily hit back. “Who did you play?”

In the end, Hoda calls for backup and is joined by fellow presenter Savannah Guthrie.

‘Ocean’s 8’ sees Sarah and Cate joined by a seriously impressive cast, which includes Rihanna, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter.

Anne Hathaway also stars in the film, playing Daphne Kluger, the actress who wears the Cartier necklace the gang are plotting to steal.

‘Ocean’s 8’ arrives in UK cinemas on Monday 18 June.


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