Oh Good - Turns Out We’re Not Even Making Our Beds Correctly

We're gonna need a more adult adult.
Nazar Rybak via Getty Images

Shove the duvet in the cover, shove the pillowcases into their covers, fight the fitted bed sheet to fit over the mattress, put it all on flat… bed made? Right?

Well, it turns out, wrong and if you were worried you were alone in not knowing how to put your duvet cover on effectively, you’re definitely not. In fact, 19.5 thousand people ask Google every month ’how to put a duvet cover on?’

Absolute bedlam, you could say.

Fortunately, Lydia Lloyd, homeware textile designer at M&S Home has shared some helpful hacks for making your bed look like one you would find in a 5 star hotel and with 48% of adults in the UK stating that poor sleep was affecting their mental health, there has never been a better time to make your bed feel more comfortable and welcoming.

How To Actually Your Duvet Cover On

It turns out, our shove-it-in method isn’t actually the most effective way to put a duvet cover on and probably isn’t even the fastest! Instead, Lydia recommends that you lay your duvet cover inside out on the bed and place your duvet directly on top of it. Then, roll the bed set cover and your duvet together towards the bottom of the bed and fold the corners of the cover over the rolled bedding. Finally, fasten the buttons of your cover and unroll your bedding, flip the duvet over so that it’s facing the right way. This is called the Burrito Roll method.

How To Stop Bed Sheets Slipping?

We’re all feeling the frustration of putting a bed sheet on with a 20% rise in searches for ‘bed sheets that stay on’ in the last month. Lydia recommends that when buying sheets, opt for a deep fitted sheet as the extra material will reduce the chances of it slipping off the bed and once it’s on, remember to tuck the corners under the mattress. So, aimlessly bouncing from corner to corner trying to pin it down isn’t effective? Who knew!

How To Get the 5* Hotel Feel At Home?

Now that your bed is made, how do you add that extra bit of luxury to give your bed that five star feel? When shopping for bedding, try to get 100% cotton sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer the bedding will be. For plumper duvets that will last a long time, opt for feather-filled duvets and pillows. Keep creases out of your bedding by spraying your bed with a drop of fabric softener mixed with water and smoothing the sheets over with your hands. Finally, invest in some sleep sprays to give your bedding that extra-cosy feel and make your room feel like a restful place to get some shut-eye.