Olivia Colman Had These 3 Words To Say About Emma Stone In Poor Things

She was lovely as ever about the star's latest film.

The film has won over hearts and critics with its ethereal, strange plot and performances from Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo but now, Poor Things has been rated by the most important person of all: Olivia Colman.

Of course, Olivia has worked with Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos previously on The Favourite, along with Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz: a film that the British Film Institute rated as one of the best released that year.

Speaking about Olivia, Emma said: “Olivia is like a marshmallow of a human being — like the most warm, gooey, lovey person you know. She’s just an absolute heart of a person.”

So, when it came to her opinion of Poor Things — a very personal project for Emma —, we reckon it was incredibly important to the actress.

Now, in a clip shared on TikTok by production company Searchlight Pictures, we learn exactly how Colman feels.


Emma and Olivia. Two of our Favourite Things. #PoorThingsFilm

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“You make me want to cry”

In the clip, Olivia starts by telling Emma that she knows compliments are awkward for her and tells her to channel her character from Poor Things and just say “thank you” in response to praise.

Olivia then says: “I think what you did was exquisite, and beautiful and brave.” She adds that everything Emma does always blows her mind but, “this whole thing was creative filmmaking that you just never see that Yorgos did and you were part of that.”

As well as starring in the lead role, Emma was also a producer on the film, and, in fact, her fellow producers stated that the film could not have gone ahead without her.

Continuing in her lavishing praise as Emma was clearly moved, Olivia said, “you go at things, you know, head first, and you blew me away. I do mean that. I can’t lie.”

Emma tearily responded saying: “I love you Colman. I LOVE YA.”

Ah, what a pair.


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