mark ruffalo

The beloved rom-com duo also dusted off their best dance moves as the four-time Oscar nominee was honoured with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
The actor claimed to have learned about the tumour from a dream — and stunned doctors when a CAT scan proved him right.
The smack, part of a pivotal scene in 2014's "Foxcatcher," left Tatum with a popped eardrum.
"I was just wearing what the Avengers wear, but underneath my clothes."
Early reviews for the new miniseries have branded it a "shonky, star-studded dud", a "turgid mess" and simply "terrible". Ouch.
Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Cher were also among the stars celebrating Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump.
The Avengers star has previously been among Trump's most vocal celebrity critics.
Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo and the actor's wife Katherine Schwarzenegger have all spoken out.
The president has been condemned for failing to denounce white supremacy.