Our Favourite Celebrity Reactions To The US Election Result, From Lizzo To John Legend

Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Cher were also among the stars celebrating Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump.

John Legend, Lizzo, Cher and Lady Gaga were among the stars who were celebrating on Saturday, following the announcement that Joe Biden had triumphed in the US presidential election.

After days of waiting on tenterhooks, on Saturday evening it was confirmed that Biden had won enough votes to succeed Donald Trump as US leader.

And to say that celebrities were excited at the prospect of Trump leaving the White House would be an understatement.

Here are just a few of our favourite celebrity reactions to the presidential election result…

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

As celebrations broke out in the streets all over America, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen – who were both highly critical of Trump throughout his presidency – were caught on camera joining in the fun in California…

Lady Gaga

Gaga appeared at one of Joe Biden’s final rallies to show her endorsement for the Democratic candidate, and when he was announced as the winner, she pretty much brought her infamous “I can’t stop crying. We did it kids” tweet to life…


The Good As Hell singer had a very special message for Donald Trump, as she was seen celebrating Biden’s win while riding on a jet ski…

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Prior to that, Lizzo had posted a video of herself crying at the news, telling fans: “There are few times in this country, that I am hopeful… this time I was hopeful and I was scared, [but] I think this is the end of that four-year term that felt like a thousand years.”

Cardi B

Cardi B was one of Joe Biden’s biggest celebrity supporters, even interviewing him early in the race for Elle magazine.

She marked the news of his election victory with a candid-as-ever video posted on Instagram, beginning: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Good motherf***ing morning yo.”

Sam Smith

Although they are British, Sam Smith was one of the first celebrities to get in on the fun when Biden was first announced as the next president.

Posting a less-than-flattering picture of Trump on Twitter, they wrote: “Off ya pop you absolute snail #bidenharris2020 – so happy for all my friends in America tonight!! YOU. DID. THAT.”


Rihanna saw in the news posting a picture of the new president-elect and vice-president elect, describing them as “history makers, boundary breakers, and WINNERS”.

“CONGRATULATIONS to you both, and mostly to the American people!! So much work to do, so much hurt to undo! Let’s GO!” the singer and makeup mogul added.

Miley Cyrus

As people celebrated Biden’s win all over America, Miley Cyrus’ hit Party In The USA quickly became a bit of an anthem, and she seemed pretty happy to see it, retweeting posts from all over the country:

Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winning star Jennifer Lawrence also got in on the fun in Boston:

Jennifer recently made headlines when she revealed that earlier in her life, having been raised in a Republican household, she voted for John McCain, but later clarified that she was backing Joe Biden for the presidency.

Mark Ruffalo

Another of Trump’s vocal celebrity critics, Mark Ruffalo had one gif to sum up his reaction to the news that Joe Biden was the new president-elect:

He also posted a photo of himself and his daughter, Odette, beaming at the news:

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We are sooo happy today!!

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Chris Evans

Fellow Marvel star Chris Evans also saw in the news with an Instagram post:

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Biden/Harris 2020💙

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Keke Palmer

The Hustlers star was overjoyed at the news Kamala Harris was headed for the White House, tweeting: “Representation MATTERS! In America I have searched over and over again as a Black girl for people in positions of power that look like me!”


Anyone who follows Cher on Twitter will know the music legend holds nothing back, especially when it comes to the topic of politics and Donald Trump.

So how did she react to the news of Biden’s win?

With a whole lot of tweets, of course (after a quick jump on her bed, apparently):

Kathy Griffin

After her own run-ins with Donald Trump during his presidency, Kathy Griffin was not even a little bit sad at the prospect of seeing him go:

Mindy Kaling

Comedian Mindy Kaling was moved by Kamala Harris’ rise to the vice presidency, writing: “Crying and holding my daughter, ‘look baby, she looks like us’.”

Ed Balls

There were a good few takes on Donald Trump’s incorrect claim that he “WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”. This one from Ed Balls is definitely worth shouting out, though:


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