17/03/2018 11:52 GMT

Olly Alexander On Why He Chose To Ignore Career Advice And Speak Out About His Sexuality

'We don’t get equality until we all have equality. That is why I continue to speak out.'

Olly Alexander has revealed he was advised against speaking about his sexuality early in his music career.

In recent years, the Years & Years frontman has become one of the most prominent young LGBT+ stars in Britain, and has repeatedly spoken out publicly about issues facing the community.

However, during a speech at the Stonewall Equality Dinner on Friday night, (16 March) he disclosed that had he followed advice given to him when he first started out, he wouldn’t have addressed his sexuality at all.

Olly Alexander at the Stonewall equality dinner

Explaining his decision to ignore the advice about staying silent, Olly told those in attendance: “When a journalist did ask me about my sexuality, I said ‘yes, I’m gay and this song is about a man’.

“I needed to say that for my 15-year old self. I decided I would keep speaking out. It felt like I was healing and I saw first-hand how being open and honest helped.”

On the subject of how important it is to continue fighting for equality for the LGBT+ community, Olly continued: “We don’t get equality until we all have equality. That is why I continue to speak out. We have to listen and learn from each other to lift each other up, so we can all live the life we deserve.”

Olly and his Years & Years bandmates returned to the pop scene earlier this month, with the unveiling of their comeback single, ‘Sanctify’, which serves as the lead single from their upcoming sophomore album.

Watch the music video for ‘Sanctify’ below: