Olly Alexander

From scrapped storylines, to Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes secrets.
Production designers Luana Hanson Interiors built around 165 sets for Russell T Davies’ hit Channel 4 drama.
TV show ‘It’s A Sin’, written by Russell T Davies, is proving incredibly successful with audiences, so much so it's already one of Channel 4’s most popular youth dramas. But whilst it’s a joyful romp through the music and the fashions of the Eighties, it’s also a retelling of LGBTQ history and an incredibly moving ode to the people lost in the early days of the AIDS pandemic.
“That’s the one thing I drew a line at because I don’t want it to look in any way glamorised."
The singer was among the winners at this year's ceremony for his work with the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
LGBTQ celebs including Anna Richardson, Olly Alexander and Todrick have also revealed their first Pride memories.
The Years & Years frontman and queer rights activist tells HuffPost UK how the coronavirus crisis has led to joyous friendship discoveries and a better understanding of his own creativity.
Addressing fans at the Pyramid Stage, the Sanctify singer said: "I believe that everybody here has the chance to change history."
'We don’t get equality until we all have equality. That is why I continue to speak out.'
Watch live from Westminster University as National Student Pride 2017 gets underway.  At 13.30pm the main stage will be featuring