22/01/2017 09:15 GMT | Updated 22/01/2017 12:09 GMT

Olly Murs’ Brother Changes Surname After Bitter Seven Year Feud With His Famous Twin And Family

'I just want to move on.'

Olly Murs’ brother has revealed he’s changed his surname because of a long-running and bitter feud with his famous twin sibling and the rest of his family.

Ben Murs is now known as Ben Hart, after taking his wife’s surname in a bid to move on from the rift with his brother.

Ben is completely estranged from the ‘Wrapped Up’ singer, as well as his sister and parents., who he says sided with Olly after they fell out over seven years ago.

Ben (left) and Olly in happier times.

The blame, he says, lies squarely with ‘The X Factor’ and the fame and money it brought his brother, who he was inseparable from as a child.

According to Ben, the final straw came when Olly allegedly missed his wedding to wife Amy to attend a dress rehearsal for ‘The X Factor’.

Ben told The Daily Mail: “Olly was on X Factor at the time and my mum told me that she and my dad wouldn’t come on the day unless I made Olly the best man, so that my X Factor star brother could turn up and give a speech for ten minutes. No way.

“[My parents] did turn up in the end, but their attitude was horrendous. I was really upset on my honeymoon.”

Ben Hart, as he is now known.
Tommy Jackson via Getty Images
Olly Murs insists 'the door is always open' for his estranged brother.

Olly has previously stated that it was actually Ben’s decision to distance himself from the rest of the Murs family and insisted that they would welcome him back at any time.

Olly said: “We don’t speak to my twin brother and that’s been extremely difficult. Long before X Factor there were problems between Ben and his girlfriend and our family.

“He made the decision not to speak to the family… but the door’s always open for him to come back.”

Olly’s reps declined to comment when contacted by HuffPost UK.

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