Olympics Opening Ceremony Uniforms Rated From Best To Worst - As Voted For By You

Distressed jeans and straw hats make an appearance.

The Olympic opening ceremony saw Rio’s Maracana stadium come alive with the story of the history of Brazil, a dramatic performance about climate change and, of course, the Parade of Nations.

More than 200 nations marched in the parade, with the very first Refugee Team entering second-to-last before the host nation’s team.

The parade itself saw a number of characters take part including everyone’s new hero, the flag-bearer of Kiribati, David Katoatau.

For some reason, Tonga’s flag-bearer also seemed to gain the attention of many viewers:

And then, of course, there was the uniforms.

From smart blazers to sporty tracksuits, there was a great deal of variation in what the delegations from each country wore.

But what did you think of the outfits? Have your say in our upvote-downvote poll...

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