Olympic Tennis Was Basically Played On A Giant Green Screen In Rio

Tennis is much more interesting with added CGI.

Many of this year’s Olympic events were held in areas with bright green walls, floors and backdrops. As some internet users have noticed, this makes it very, very easy to add CGI and make things a bit more interesting.

Imgur user Factionman decided to put his skills to good use on the men’s tennis, showing a pair of players battling it out surrounded by molten lava...

In deep space...

And under the sea.

And Factionman isn’t the only one to have taken advantage of the green backdrops.

Twitter user Mike Ginn added some very fun backgrounds to dancing Kiribatian weightlifter David Katoatau.

A Chinese lifter got the same treatment.

And, most impressively of all, here’s US gymnast Simone Biles doing her floor routine in super-duper difficult mode.

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