Adorable One-Year-Old Drummer Shows Off Incredible Skills In Jamming Session

'It's clear that he is gifted.'

A one-year-old boy is capturing the hearts of millions of people across the world with his insane drumming skills.

The musical genius, LJ Wilson, was filmed by his dad jamming out on his drum kit with a huge grin on his face.

With some jazzy music playing in the background, LJ manages to beat the drums and cymbals in perfect time to the beat.

His dad, Justin Wilson, uploaded a clip of the video to Facebook on 16 June and was overwhelmed when it reached more than one million views.

Although LJ's parents are both musicians, Wilson insists neither of them have taught him to play.

"I don't play the drums and neither does my wife, so it's even more special that it's just inside of him," Wilson told TODAY.

"Once he got some sticks in his hand, it was clear that he was gifted."

The dad said LJ started playing drums at 13 months old and has only recently been given his very own drum kit.

In fact, his love of music has gone so far his dad's even set him up his very own Facebook page - Baby Boy Drummer.

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