Orange Is The New Black Series 7 Features A Love Island Cross-Over And Everyone's Lost Their Heads

Bet you didn't expect to see Adam Collard and Dr Alex crop up in your favourite Netflix show, did you?

Some Orange Is The New Black fans had quite the shock when they sat down to watch the latest series - and it had nothing to do with its gripping conclusion.

That’s because it features a cameo appearance from another of everyone’s favourite shows, Love Island.

It seems the popularity of the ITV2 reality show extends as far as the fictional world of OITNB, as in the sixth episode of the seventh - and final - series, Natalie Figueroa is seen getting into the 2018 run of Love Island.

When her partner Joe Caputo arrives home and asks how her day was, she comments: “Niall is cock blocking Adam from stealing Kendall’s pussy away,” before the show can be seen on their living room TV.

Sneaking in a reference to one of Love Island’s most infamous moments, Caputo asks: “Why are we watching a bunch of Brexit voters in bikinis?”

Figueroa replies: “You know they didn’t vote.”

Adding that the reason she’s watching is “because, abs”, Figueroa adds: “I want the hot glistening bodies to zap away my brain and my day.”

Fig also confesses she’s a big fan of Dr Alex George, adding: “Oh my God, why are none of these women going for the doctor?”

UK fans lost their heads at the mention of Love Island on the show...

The final series of Orange Is The New Black landed on Netflix last Friday, and ahead of its debut we caught up with executive producer Tara Herrmann about putting together some of the show’s most famous moments.

Meanwhile, the current series of Love Island comes to an end on Monday, as the winning couple is crowned during the live final.

Orange Is The New Black is available to stream on Netflix now, while Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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