Plus-Size Model Shares Ovarian Cancer Surgery Scar To Teach Powerful Lesson About Self-Love

'Let's turn these scars into beauty marks.'

A woman battling cancer has celebrated her surgery scar, by posting a brave photograph to social media.

Elly Mayday, 28, was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer aged just 25. She was given the all-clear, but sadly her cancer returned in 2015.

Elly MayDay

The plus-size model has undergone various forms of gruelling treatment, including a hysterectomy and chemotherapy.

But Mayday, who has thousands of followers on Instagram, has not let the illness get her down, instead choosing to face cancer head-on with positivity and admiration for her body - scars and all.

Earlier this month, Mayday, who continues to model throughout her treatment, posted a black-and-white image of her post-surgery stitches to Instagram, making a powerful statement about the human body’s resilience and strength.

“This may not be the an image you’re use to seeing,” she wrote. “Most moms-to-be post photos like this, in admiration of the little bundle on its way. I’m posting this for what’s inside too...but in a different sense.”

She explained that the photo was taken after her fifth operation for ovarian cancer, detailing how she has drawn strength from her battle.

She added: “I’ve chosen to not let this disease define or deter me. I have love for my body, its strength and for what it has taught me. I’ll do everything in my power to heal, and I have faith it will do its part. I want to teach you all the things I’ve learned, how strong, beautiful and capable the body is.”

“Most importantly, I want to show you how you are #stillbeautiful through the things life hands us. ❤ So, let’s turn these scars into #beautymarks.”

Many of Mayday’s followers were moved by her brave post.

“I love this picture and the way you show love for your body and scar. I hope to someday be like you, and embrace my scar,” wrote one user.

Another added: “You are an amazing young woman and very inspiring. Stay strong.”

Keep fighting and inspiring Elly. ❤️