31/03/2017 11:36 BST

Pamela Anderson Walks Off 'Celebrity Juice' Early, Leaving Viewers Baffled

She was not hanging about at the end of the show.

‘Celebrity Juice’ viewers were left cringing after Thursday’s (30 March) episode, which saw Pamela Anderson calmly walking off the set, rather than joining her fellow guests for a dance at the end of the show.

Host Keith Lemon had already teased Pammie’s walk-off, but it still proved to be a fairly uncomfortable moment, particularly as the rest of the team looked on as she picked up her coat and was led off the set.

Pamela Anderson

All in all, viewers were left feeling baffled by the whole thing, with many contemplating exactly what had gone on that had displeased her so much:

It turns out the moment that actually got Pammie’s goat didn’t even make it to air, after Keith Lemon rubbed her up the wrong way by showing an image from her past in the studio.

Speaking last week, he revealed: “She just suddenly picked up her fur stole and stormed off home.

The rest of the team say goodbye (without Pamela)
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