Sad 'Papaw', Who Was Stood Up By His Grandchildren, Is Having A BBQ With Burgers For All

You can't keep a good Papaw down.

Remember the sad grandpa whose naughty grandchildren didn't show up for dinner? Well, he's turned a bad situation on its head, by inviting the internet to a BBQ at his house next Saturday.

Papaw, whose real name is Kenneth Harmon, had invited his six grandchildren over for dinner and made burgers specially, but only one showed up.

When Kelsey Harmon tweeted a photo of her grandfather looking sad, the story quickly went viral - breaking the hearts of Twitter users around the world.

Many came forward offering to replace PawPaw's grandkids, prompting him to organise a mass cookout with an open invitation.

The invite, which was issued by one of the no-show grandchildren, Brock Harmon, explained that burgers will be sold for $2 and T-shirts with "I had a burger with Papaw" will also be on sale.

We're a little worried considering the original tweet received over 175,000 retweets... This could be one big BBQ.