Parenting Hacks: 12 Tricks For Mums And Dads That Will Blow Your Mind

Genius shortcuts.

Parents often spend their day juggling six things at once, especially when there are little ones running around.

So without a doubt, if there were hacks to save time, money or effort and occupy kids for that little bit longer, mums and dads will be all ears.

We've scoured Instagram for some of the most inventive (and entertaining) #parenthacks to give you that mini fist pump feeling when you use them.

Have any more to add? Let us know in the comments, below!

1. Turning a playpen into a den when they grow out of it using a fitted sheet

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2. Never being short of wet wipes at dinner time

3. Using carabiners for wandering hair ties

4. Making paint time mess-free

5. Recycling bottles so kids can reach the taps

6. Creating healthy ice pops for summer

7. Turning paddling pools into play pens in the winter

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8. Finding fun ways to get chores done

9. Making water bombs without getting wet

10. Stopping any child getting locked in the bathroom

11. Making recyclable card holders for card games

12. Hiding sweets without them realising

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