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Adults Failed To Answer Nearly Half The Questions On This GCSE-Style Quiz - So, How Well Can You Do?

What does CPU stand for?

Kids are heading back to school this week, so why not test your own academic knowledge as they settle in?

Stationery retail company Ryman has created a quiz to see if parents can answer some core school subject questions. They compiled their quiz based on the style of questions commonly asked in GCSE exams. 

They tested 2,155 of adults on a set of 10 questions covering the subjects: maths, English, science, Spanish, French, ICT, art, music and history. 

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Overall when taking the full quiz, people scored an average of 58.4%.

Women scored 57% on average and men scored 58%. The region with the highest score was the Midlands, at 61%. 

You can take the full back to school quiz here, but we’ve pulled together six of the questions below for a quick-fire quiz. Answers are at the end of the article.

1. English

Which of these is a proper noun?

a) London

b) City

c) Destination

2. Science

The molecule for water is made up of how many parts Oxygen and how many parts Hydrogen?

a) 1 part Hydrogen, 3 parts Oxygen

b) 1 part Hydrogen, 2 parts Oxygen

c) 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen

3. Geography

Which is the longest river in the UK?

a) River Thames

b) River Tyne

c) River Severn

4. Art

Who painted ‘The Starry Night’ and ‘Irises’?

a) Pablo Picasso

b) Vincent van Gogh

c) Claude Monet

5. ICT

What does CPU stand for?

a) Central Program Unit

b) Computer Program Unit

c) Central Processing Unit

6. History

Which of these was Henry VIII’s first wife?

a) Catherine of Aragon

b) Jane Seymour

c) Anne Boleyn


1. a), 2. c), 3. c), 4. b), 5. c), 6. a). 

Want to do more? Take the full quiz on Ryman’s website here. A breakdown of results can be viewed here

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