08/08/2017 12:19 BST

Unique Baby Names: Parents Divided Over Mum Who Asks Whether 'Atlas' Is An Acceptable Name

'Is this a good name?' 🌎

Parents are debating whether or not it is “acceptable” to call a baby Atlas.

The discussion kicked off after Mumsnet user idontknow54789 appealed for advice on whether others thought it was a good name.

“Personally I love it but not sure if it’s an acceptable name,” she wrote on the parenting forum on 4 August.

“My DM (mother) scoffed at it when my brother mentioned it a while ago so got me a bit worried in case we do decide on it.

“Thoughts? Does anyone know an Atlas?”

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There have been 100 comments on the Mumsnet thread in four days - and parents were divided on whether they liked the name or not. 

“I love it, but wouldn’t be brave enough to use it,” one person wrote. 

Another commented: “I’ve heard of two people recently having an Atlas and it’s just so them.”

And another wrote: “If you’re into mythology there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a very interesting story behind Atlas.”

“I really like Atlas,” commented another. “I also know adults called Stone and Brick (both British). In my opinion, Atlas is soft in comparison!”

However, as ever when it comes to the topic of baby names, some disagreed.

“Why would you do that to a poor child?” one person wrote. “It’s truly awful.”

Another wrote: “Nooooooo please don’t do it. He’ll have the piss taken out of him.”

One person pointed out: “I wouldn’t name a child something they will use at school (Atlas, Dictionary or Compass).”

But one mum summed up the baby name debate quite simply, telling the mum: “Don’t let others’ opinions put you off if you love a name.” 

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