Mum Tells School The Painfully Honest Reason Her Child Was Late

Definitely not putting the alarm on snooze...

During the first week back at school the reality of just how difficult it is to get out of the house on time (with everyone fully dressed) comes flooding back to parents.

Many just drop the kids in the playground and mutter apologies for their lateness as they make a speedy exit, but one mum has decided to admit the truth about the morning rush.

Reddit user Colieoh shared a photograph of the ‘tardy sign in sheet’ that her friend had to fill out when dropping off her daughter after the bell.

After signing her name and the time of arrival, the mum then had to give a reason for ‘being tardy’.

Instead of blaming the traffic or a disaster at the breakfast table, she held her hands up and simply wrote: “bad parenting”.

Commenters have been quick to praise her honest (and hilarious) approach.

Cat-ninja said: “If my dad dropped us off late to school he would write: ‘My children are late because they are not on time.’”

CornDoggerMcJones said: “I got a note from a parent once that said ‘we just all overslept’. What can you even say to that?”

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