The Funniest S**t About Potty Training You Didn't Know You Needed To Read

Transitioning toddlers out of nappies... what could possibly go wrong?
Oops I did it in your handbag.
Lisa Gutierrez via Getty Images
Oops I did it in your handbag.

Nothing can quite prepare you for potty training.

For parents and kids alike, it can be a pretty stressful affair. There may be tears, tantrums and likely quite a few accidents on the road to toilet freedom.

Poo will appear in strange places – random spots on the carpet, behind the sofa, in your handbag – while badly-timed and awfully-aimed wees will also make an (unwelcome) appearance.

If you’re currently going through the motions and finding it living hell, take comfort in the fact you’re not the only one feeling the pain of having to scrape clumps of turd from your cream carpet right now.

Here, parents share their most disastrous and funniest potty training anecdotes.

And thank your lucky stars you’re not the poor mum whose son exclaimed she’d done a “dinosaur poo” in the ladies toilets.

Brown footprints

We were visiting my mother-in-law, who had a beautiful cream carpet in her lounge. My daughter was almost fully potty trained, but she had an accident and ended up leaving footprints of poo all over the carpet.

Let’s just say, cream is not an easy colour to get clean and I think our efforts didn’t go down well with the mother-in-law.

Sue Welby, 56, Essex

The waterfall incident

On our first week of potty training my little girl, we were doing so well, we were four days dry and we went to the park. I left my bag in the car.
We were all good, and my daughter wanted to go on the big climbing frame – it’s like a bridge that then goes over a walkway.
She was halfway up when she announced very loudly she needed a wee, and to my horror she just started to go.
Some boys who were about seven-ish shouted ‘waterfall’! And before I could say anything they ran under her full stream of wee.
I have never been so embarrassed having to explain to three sets of parents that my daughter had weed on their children. Luckily they found it hilarious, the kids not so much.

Maddy Alexander-Grout, 39, Southampton

The IKEA near-miss

We went on a trip to IKEA and were wandering through the departments, following the arrows.

In the bathroom department my little one, then about 20 months old, had taken a green potty from the display and was halfway through pulling her leggings down in the middle of the store when I swooped in.

My then-husband was so embarrassed he walked off and an elderly couple nearby had a right old giggle.

I still love a trip to IKEA, although I do giggle every time I go through the bathroom section.

Janine McDonald, 52, Manchester

The Lego toilet

I started potty training my son at two but he didn’t really seem too interested, so I tried again when he turned three and he got the hang of it. Until one day at nursery I went to pick him up and they told me that Isaiah (my son) had picked up one of the Lego toys at nursery – a toilet.

He went to the corner, pulled his trousers down and did a wee. It was honestly so funny because we all told him ‘you use the toilet’ and he did exactly that – just with this toy. The toy had to be thrown away.

Desriee Asomuyide, 30, Essex

The serial carpet soiler

I started potty training my son between 18 months and two years old – but every time I would put him to sit on a potty, he wouldn’t do anything. Then he would run away and poop on my carpet outside my room.

He always pooped on the corridor outside my room, but not in the bathroom that was just next door. I think he felt comfortable pooping when standing – and very publicly, not privately in a bathroom.
Elizabeth, 35, Hertfordshire

The prehistoric poo

As the founder of Littlelifesteps, which helps parents conquer toileting challenges, I am no stranger to the joys and struggles of potty training.

One of my favourite stories comes from a consultation I had with a mum whose son was struggling with pooing. As part of my advice, I encourage parents to be open about their toileting and even show their children their poo.

One day, the mum and her son were in a public toilet when she stood up and her son shouted, ‘Wow mom, you’ve done a dinosaur poo!’

Needless to say, the other people in the restroom were a bit surprised.

Sue Welby, 56, Essex