We Are In Absolute Stitches At These Kids Who Mispronounced Things

To be fair, 'biscuit' does sound a lot like 'big shit'...
Kids are hilarious.
Kids are hilarious.

“My little one proudly mispronounces a biscuit as ‘big shit’,” says Jack, 38, from Kent.

The family has a Saturday morning tradition where their two-year-old daughter will get into bed with them while they have a biscuit with a cup of coffee.

“Cue her excitedly getting into bed asking ‘can I have a big shit now, daddy’ or even better, ‘a choccy big shit’,” he says.

When it comes to learning new words, sometimes it can take a while for the right pronunciation to stick. The results of this can be adorable – Jack’s daughter Sylvie, for instance, calls a cuddle a ‘cuggle’ – but also hilarious for parents.

Especially when these mispronunciations take a turn for the worse and kids end up accidentally saying a less than desirable word – especially in public.

And sometimes, while the logic is there, they get the word completely wrong. Like Kirsty Card’s nephew, who decided to call cucumbers “crack”.

“My mum (his gran) buys those half cucumbers from the supermarket and my nephew didn’t know how to say cucumber but his child logic told him the cucumber is cracked in half, so he started calling it crack instead,” says Card.

“The looks we used to get around the shop when he’d ask my mum if she was buying crack was hilarious!”

We asked parents on Twitter to share their funniest mispronunciation stories. The responses were split into two camps.

There were the very cute mispronunciations... Like rainbrella and bumbum bees.

And then there were the seriously awkward ones... which are (let’s face it) absolutely hilarious.