The Kids' Christmas Presents That Parents Secretly Want Themselves

"I’m not sure they’ll even make it into their stockings." 🎁

Christmas is all about treating children – that is unless you secretly want the same presents they do. To make Christmas Day that bit more joyful (or bearable), parents are buying gifts for their kids they really want themselves.

One Mumsnet user confessed she’d bought her five-year-old daughter Twisty Petz (animal figures on a bracelet) not because she’d asked for them, but because the mum thinks they’re the cutest thing ever.

“I know she’ll love them,” she added. “I mean, they’re pets and bracelets. These are just are a little bit more of a selfish purchase! Anyone else?!”

DaniloAndjus via Getty Images

The mum was far from the only person to be doing the same. It seems there are tons of toys out there that parents would love to open just as much as kids.

Polly Pockets

“I loved Polly Pockets as a kid! Back in the day when they were really tiny and you could actually fit a fair amount of them in your pocket.”

Lol Surprise! Dolls

“My daughter loves them and I am secretly excited when she gets stuck opening them so I can have a go.” (Find out what’s inside them here).

Chocolate Oranges

“I’m not sure they’ll even make it into their stockings.”

Harry Potter Lego

“Last year I bought my daughter the Lego carousel too, but it was secretly for me!”

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3D pens

“I bought the pens, and I can’t wait to use them.”

Nintendo Switch

“We may or may not have bought a Nintendo Switch with MarioKart 8 to have secret battles against each other when the girls are in bed.”

Crystal Tree

“I’m buying my daughter a grow your own crystal tree. It’s not for me at all and definitely for her...”

Badge Maker

“And obviously because I bought it from a long distance eBay seller I thought I had better try it out to check it works. It’s ace. I’m desperate to make more!”

Celebrity Make-Up

“I got my 14-year-old the Kylie Jenner make-up kit and I can’t wait to try.”

Russian dolls

“I got ‘paint your own Russian dolls’ which are woodland animals. I might have to go and buy some more - for me!”

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