Parents Surprise Daughters With Their Newly-Adopted Baby Sister And Their Reactions Are Priceless


A couple decided to surprise their two daughters with their newly-adopted baby sister, after the process happened quicker than they expected.

Kasi and Shane Pruitt, from Texas, US, said they had a call from their lawyer about a beautiful baby girl up for adoption. They went to pick her up the same day.

The couple already had four children, but their two sons were sleeping when they brought their new daughter home, so they decided to just surprise 11-year-old Raygen and six-year-old Harper.

“We just got home and our kids have no clue, they are in the house and we’re going to introduce Kelsey-Marie to her sisters,” the dad said on camera.

Pruitt posted the video of his daughters’ reactions on his Facebook page on 27 July with the caption: “So, this happened out of nowhere yesterday.

“We prayed fast. Our kids had no clue, and this is how we told them about their baby sister. Their reactions are priceless.”

When the couple first walked into the room holding Kelsey-Marie, their eldest daughter shouted: “Who is that?” obviously confused.

After being told it was their new baby sister, Raygen began to sob and repeatedly asked her mum if she could hold her.

Watch the video above to see the girls’ reactions. That’s sibling love right there.

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