08/06/2016 17:50 BST

NASA Hiding The Truth That A Second Sun Exists Claims Astronomer Paul Cox

Our solar system has two suns...apparently

There is no shortage of NASA conspiracy theories floating around on the internet. 

But the latest offering comes from “well respected” British field astronomer Paul Cox who claims there is a second sun in our solar system that NASA are keeping secret.

Cox claims that the world is blind to this information because the space agency is deliberately keeping it hidden.

This theory came to light during an eight-hour live broadcast with Cox, where he showed a live feed of his telescope examining the planets.

Pointing to a back dot, which was the planet Mercury, Cox says that this is the location of the second sun and rejected the idea that it was in fact the Swift Planet.

Cox said: “You may be asking yourself, what is that large round thing to the right of the sun? Well, that’s our second sun. I don’t know if you knew that we had a second sun."

“But there it is. It is normally hidden from view. NASA and other organisations usually hide that stuff away from us.” 

During the ‘Transit of Mercury’ video, Cox also alluded to the Planet X theory, which says that a broken planet will come from behind the sun and will eventually crash into earth and wipe out humans.

Cox is employed by Slooh, a robotic live telescope broadcaster with the tag line “let’s explore the universe together” since 2003.

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