Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne Taunts Snoop Dogg With A Huge Fake Spliff As He Warns Rapper He’s ‘Coming’ For Him In Twitter Video

The unlikely celeb feud started after the US rapper used images of the former footballer on social media to illustrate "alcohol abuse".

There has been an update in the series ‘Celeb Feuds Nobody Saw Coming’ between Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne and Snoop Dogg.

Allow us to bring you up to speed.

On Thursday, the US rapper posted pictures of Gazza – who has had a public battle with alcohol addiction – at the ages 20 and 47 on Instagram, showing the difference in his appearance under the words “alcohol abuse”.

Underneath, he then shared pictures of himself at the same ages, writing beneath them “marijuana abuse”, seemingly suggesting that it had less of an impact on his looks.

It didn’t take Gazza long to respond (and let’s just say he didn’t hold back), posting a picture of a dog, featuring Snoop style braids and a gold chain, which he charmingly captioned: “Morning @SnoopDogg get your lazy arse out of bed it’s walkies time woof woof you ugly twat LOVE GAZZA xxx.”

Now the former England footballer has taken it up a notch (or ten), after he shared a video of him taunting Snoop on Twitter.

Wearing fake dreadlocks and sunglasses, Gazza is seen holding a giant fake spliff, and jokingly warns the rapper: “Snoop Snoopy Dog… woof! I’m coming for ya,” before signing off with a laugh.

Quite where this will all end is anyone’s guess, but we have a feeling it won’t be long before Snoop offers up some equally withering response.

So far it appears fans are siding with Gazza, with many taking to Twitter to praise the soccer star for getting his life back on track after several stints in rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction.

Stay tuned, people.

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