Paul Nuttall's Website Is Still Offline - So Here's Five Posts From It On The NHS, Abortion And More

Includes thoughts on "something we call ‘banter’".
<strong>Stoke Central by-election candidate and party leader Paul Nuttall.</strong>
Stoke Central by-election candidate and party leader Paul Nuttall.
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

It’s been four days since the official website of under-fire Ukip leader Paul Nuttall was taken down for “scheduled maintenance” amid the controversy of his Hillsborough claims - and there’s no sign of its return.

The site was where it was suggested the MEP had “lost personal friends” in the Hillsborough football disaster, a claim he revealed to Radio City in Liverpool last week was “wrong”.

<strong>Paul Nuttall's website is now in its fourth day of "scheduled maintenance".</strong>
Paul Nuttall's website is now in its fourth day of "scheduled maintenance".
Paul Nuttall MEP

His press officer Lynda Roughley took the blame for the false quote and offered her resignation. The website and associated blog boasted a series of falsehoods and provocative statements - and here are five that are still available in some form.

"Hair-brained" global warming
Paul Nuttall MEP
In January 2010, he defended his choice to speak about "so-called man-made global warming" while Cumbria was flooded, pointing to the "coldest winter for 100 years".

He wrote: "Have you noticed that the ‘alarmists’ don’t call it Global Warming anymore? No, they call it Climate Change, but only because their ‘hair-brained’ theory of Global Warming has fallen on its backside quicker than I did today when I slipped on the ice in Liverpool."
Privatisation of NHS
Paul Nuttall MEP
Nuttall wrote a series of posts setting out his views on the NHS, including this in 2014: "I would like to congratulate the coalition government for bringing a whiff of privatisation into the beleaguered National Health Service.

"I would argue that the very existence of the NHS stifles competition, and as competition drives quality and choice, innovation and improvements are restricted."

Nuttall has since promised that Ukip would not campaign to privatise the NHS under his leadership.

He said: “I want to make it clear, under my leadership, we will be committed to putting more money into the NHS, but onto the front line; into nurses, into doctors, into midwives.”
Gay rights and political correctness
Paul Nuttall MEP
A double-header from January 2011.

First, Nuttall argues a gay equality court victory was a "complete joke" - complaining that Christians Peter and Hazelmary Bull could not bar a gay couple from their guesthouse.

He wrote: "(The case) was brought by two homosexual men who took exception because the couple refused to allow them to sleep in the same bed.

"What a complete joke. Aren’t people allowed to live by their religious beliefs in the country anymore?

"It seems not, especially if those beliefs clash with ‘modern’ views, which the PC ‘luvies’ constantly tell us, represents ‘progress.’ Progress in whose eyes I ask?"

He went on to defend football pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys, who were sacked by Sky Sports for making sexist remarks.

"Gray and his colleague Richard Keys were accused of ‘sexism’ after they cracked a few harmless jokes about a woman linesman – oops sorry, I mean referees assistant (more PC tosh).

"Gray was partaking in something we call ‘banter’ in football circles, and it is what gets said on the terraces and down the pub.

"It's not as if he said it live on air, but then again, so what if he had, it's no worse than the way the Loose Women show regularly mocks men."

He concluded: "The world's gone mad, and until we all stand up to these PC mind-benders, it will only get worse."
Played professional football
Paul Nuttall MEP
Nuttall’s website made two references to being a “professional footballer” for Tranmere Rovers, the club close to his childhood home in Bootle, Merseyside. The club confirmed this was “definitely not” the case. Ukip told MailOnline the claims were an “innocent mistake”, and blamed a “press officer”.

On the Marr Show once more, Nuttall said he had “never claimed to be professional”, adding: “I played for five years for Tranmere Rovers as a schoolboy and a youth team player.”
Paul Nuttall MEP
Nuttall has argued the abortion time limit should be halved from the current 24 weeks.

He has set out his pro-life views repeatedly and in this blog post rails against advertising of family planning services.

He wrote: "So let’s get this right: we are going to ban alcohol adverts because apparently they encourage youngsters to act irresponsibly, but we allow adverts that promote abortion, which also encourages people not to take responsibility for their actions. Do you get where I am going on this one? Rank hypocrisy."

He has also attacked abortion clinic adverts for "cheapening life and cheapening society".

A January 2012 blog post on his website said: "We are living in a very warped society and this decision must be revoked.

"Advertising abortion trivialises what is in reality killing an unborn child and the potential psychological implications for the mother are well documented.

“Killers such as Ian Brady and Ian Huntley have their ‘human rights’ and did not face the death penalty for taking the lives of children.

"Who is to defend the unborn child faced with a death sentence?"