paul nuttall

Unknown former police officer Henry Bolton is Ukip’s new leader, beating anti-Islam activists Anne Marie Waters into second
Now searching for their fifth leader in a year, Ukip find themselves in a precarious position. An inability to present themselves as a credible "protector" of Brexit will only see them lose further relevance, resulting in a party that won 12.6% of the vote in 2015 becoming all but wiped out by the time of the next general election. Farage has hinted at another potential comeback, and it could well prove to be that Ukip's survival is dependent on the return of their biggest beast.
He's only been in charge for eight months
Paul Nuttall has quit as Ukip leader with immediate effect following a terrible set of General Election results. The MEP
Read more on The Huffington Post As is banning the veil. Ukip have plunged in the polls ahead of next month’s General Election
'Our foreign policy since the turn of the century has been one act of madness after another.'