7 Amazing TV Political Debate Moments In Honour Of Tonight's Head-To-Head Clash


Say what you like about the state of the country right now, one thing us Brits can always be thankful for is the sheer volume of entertainment available on the good old telly box.

In the last few days we’ve been spoiled with edge-of-your-seat drama and toe-curling reality TV – and that was just one interview with Prince Andrew.

So in this great tradition of TV you rather wouldn’t watch but kinda feel you have to, ITV tonight brings us the first televised debate of the General Election campaign.

Tuesday evening sees Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn go head-to-head in what promises to be a civilised discourse between two gentlemen with nothing but the greatest respect for each other.

Only joking, absolutely anything can happen as these classic moments show...

TV Debate
TV Debate
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Ed Miliband channels a tough guy

Cast your mind back to 2015, when instead of debating the pros and cons of Brexit, we instead argued over whether or not then-Labour leader Ed Miliband would actually melt if he came fact-to-face with Vladimir Putin.

In feisty exchanges during the live Sky News and Channel 4 televised leaders’ interviews, Miliband was forced to reject the suggestion he was too much of a “geek” to lead the country.

Host Jeremy Paxman said: “People think you’re just not tough enough.”

Miliband replied: “Am I tough enough? Hell yes, I am tough enough.”

Rory Stewart’s massive man-spreading legs

Just look...

Who The Hell Is Natalie?

You may remember former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall from such fibs as a “close personal friend” died at Hillsborough, “I used to play professional for Tranmere Rovers” and the classic “I live in Stoke I just haven’t moved there yet”.

And you may also remember him for the 2017 debate in which Nuttall repeatedly called Leanne Wood “Natalie”, despite that not being her actual name.


During the 2010 Labour leadership event, the prospective leaders were asked to name their most inspirational fellow party member from times past.

David Miliband chose Tony Crosland, a “brave fighter for the things he believed in who was tragically robbed from us”.

Host Jeremy Paxman interjected: “Yes, he was an intellectual who never became leader.”


Ed Miliband Falls Off Stage

What’s funnier than seeing someone trip over? Seeing a politician falling over on live TV.

‘I Agree With Nick’

It’s not often that politicians actually agree with each other but way back in 2010 in the first ever televised leaders’ debate, Gordon Brown and David Cameron couldn’t agree with Nick Clegg enough in a telling sign of the political wrangling that would eventually lead to a Tory-Lib Dem coalition government.

“I agree with with Nick” even has its own entry on Know Your Meme.


David Cameron’s 40-Year-Old Black Man

During the 2010 leadership debates, David Cameron regaled the audience with a little anecdote.

He said: “I was in Plymouth recently and a 40-year-old black man said 'I came here when I was six, I’ve served in the Royal Navy for 30 years.

“I’m incredibly proud of my country. But I’m so ashamed that we’ve had this out-of-control system with people abusing it so badly’.”

Only he didn’t.

Turns out Neal Forde is actually 51 and said nothing of the sort.

Speaking to a local newspaper afterwards, Forde said: “And he said I spent 30 years in the Navy. I was actually in for six years, as a marine engineer serving on HMS Intrepid and HMS Berwick.

“Britain needs immigrants. It’s a rich and diverse country with a heritage to be proud of.”


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