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Another remark about Prince Philip was also cut from the UK broadcast.
Ahead of Meghan and Harry's sit down with Oprah, we look back at the Royal walk-offs, shocking revelations and emotional moments from interviews past.
Fergie may have only been a minor character in the Netflix drama, but the real-life Duchess Of York was impressed all the same.
Her lawyers say the files – which include statements about Prince Andrew – could harm her trial next year.
The royal financial records also show Prince Andrew spent more than £15,000 of tax payers money to attend a golf tournament.
Many fans were left wondering whether the sixth series of the Netflix drama would take us up to the present day.
The president said he met the British socialite "numerous times over the years".
Labour leader says Duke of York "will have to justify his own actions”.
It comes after US attorney Audrey Strauss said she would "welcome" talks with the Duke of York following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.