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Rufus Sewell and Gillian Anderson are seen in action as the Duke Of York and Emily Maitlis in the new trailer.
Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell are dead ringers for Emily Maitlis and the Duke Of York in the new images.
“It’s no secret that everything was recorded,” said Sarah Ransome, who says she recanted her story years ago under the fear of reprisal.
The series will 'follow Maitlis’s professional and personal journey as a Newsnight journalist leading up to her acclaimed interview with Prince Andrew'.
In one touching moment, the Prince of Wales kissed his father on the cheek.
The Duke of York and Duke of Sussex are no longer working royals, for very different reasons.
The former BBC presenter filmed a "car crash" interview with the Duke of York for Newsnight in November 2019.
In the Duchess of York's talk in New York, she spoke about wanting to act, her relationship with Prince Andrew and whether she'd attend the coronation.
The Sussexes confirm they are being "evicted" from Frogmore Cottage, with Prince Andrew said to be moving in.