prince andrew

The monarch experienced “discomfort” during first day of events. The Duke of York has tested positive for Covid.
Head of the Church of England urges the nation to be more “open and forgiving”.
City officials think the prince should do the right thing and relinquish his Duke of York title.
Those at the top of leading British establishments are not exactly setting a shining example at the moment.
The Taxpayers' Alliance has also said the public has a right to know how Prince Andrew's settlement will be funded.
"If Prince Andrew is handing out 10 million quid to women he’s never even met I might take a punt myself."
The Queen is said to be footing part of the bill for the Duke of York's lawsuit which could cost up to £12 million, according to reports.
The Duke of York has just settled the high-profile case out of court after months of back and forth.
The two parties reached an out-of-court settlement, according to a notice filed on Tuesday.
From Spotify rows to the Russian president, quite a lot happened away from the Downing Street drama this week.