Twitter Is Sharing Paul O'Grady's Best Moments, And They Prove What A Total Icon He Was

From getting drunk on This Morning and *that* Royal Variety performance, to railing against the government and a homophobic police raid.
Just some of Paul O'Grady's best moments
Just some of Paul O'Grady's best moments

The entertainment world and LBGTQ+ community are mourning the death of a legendary performer and trailblazer following news that Paul O’Grady has died at the age of 67.

He shot to fame as the acid-tongued drag queen Lily Savage, going on to win millions of fans and a plethora of awards as a comedian, game show host, chat show compere, radio DJ, animal rights champion and bestselling author.

As tributes have poured in on social media, many have also been remembering some of Paul’s most memorable moments – and they just go to prove what an icon he was...

As Lily Savage, Paul served up more comedy moments than we can count

Not least when Lily got progressively drunker and drunker during a wine tasting segment live on This Morning

One thing that Lily and Paul had in common was that they both loved a tipple

Lily was the most unexpectedly perfect host in Blankety Blank’s history

Lily was also a legendary addition to The Big Breakfast, where she interviewed guests on the bed

Every time Paul was reunited with Julian Clary was a recipe for laughs

Paul’s close friendship with Cilla Black brought about many hilarious moments

Not least, when they teamed up with Barbara Windsor for this performance at the Royal Variety Show in 2001

His eulogy at her funeral in 2015 honoured their incomparable friendship

We bet they are having a lot of fun now they are reunited

Paul’s other showbiz friendships were full of joy and silliness

Paul’s teatime chat show was full of surreal star-studded moments

Even if he wasn’t always sure what they were on the show to promote

His For The Love Of Dogs show brought joy to millions

Paul also used his platform to rail against the government

Fans also remembered Lily’s legendary response to a homophobic police raid at a venue she performed at during the height of the AIDS epidemic

Paul couldn’t have been more characteristically Paul when he was once asked how he’d like to be remembered...

... but we will never forget the legendary entertainer and the LGBTQ+ trailblazer that he was.

Paul O'Grady, as Lily Savage, pictured in 1993
Paul O'Grady, as Lily Savage, pictured in 1993
Tony Harris via PA Wire/PA Images

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