People Are Being Urged To Take Four Minute Showers Because Of The Heatwave

Finally - an excuse to tell your flatmate to stop using all the hot water!
yogenyogeny via Getty Images

Before you hop in the shower to cool down after a boiling commute, it’s worth being aware that water companies across the UK are warning people to use water wisely.

Northern Ireland Water will introduce a hosepipe ban this weekend and has asked people to cut back and “think carefully” about water use after demand in the heat soared from 570 million litres per day to a high of 700 million.

Severn Trent United Utilities and Anglian Water have also asked people to be mindful about their water use.

“With temperatures rising and a heatwave sweeping across the UK, we are hitting peak demand for water. Water is a precious resource and it’s important that we all do what we can to reduce wastage, come rain or shine,” Southern Water said.

“This can include simple measures such as turning off taps when you’re brushing your teeth, swapping a bath for a four-minute shower and watering your garden with harvested rain can make a huge difference.”

The hot weather is expected to last until the weekend, when temperatures are forecast to slowly drop off.