Model's Bikini Gets Upstaged By Bizarre Plate Of Food – And People Are Howling

It screams holiday buffet.

Asos is known for its weird and wonderful products – from its infamous see-through trousers to a hoodie that looks like safety gear for a construction site.

But Asos may have just out-Asossed itself with a photo of a model eating a meal, posted on the retailer’s Instagram.

The model is sporting a white tassel bikini that’s, well, actually pretty nice. But the plate of food in front of her is stealing the limelight.

The model appears to be eating that classic combination of baked beans, raw carrot, rice, roast tomato, potato and noodles. It’s washed down with what looks like pineapple juice and a cup of tea.

Personally, we think it screams hotel buffet – in the best possible way.

Needless to say, comments on the post are dominated by people asking what this combination of food is meant to be. Is it breakfast, lunch, dinner? Some kind of obscure snack? Who knows? And who cares!

We all know the ultimate aim on holiday is to put everything you enjoy eating on one plate at the same time, right?


If you want to buy the bikini (minus the meal), it’s currently available on Asos.

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