People Aren't Buying Donald Trump's Explanation For 'I'm Coming After You!' Post

The ex-president's team gave a questionable defense for his ominous warning after he appeared in court for conspiracy charges related to the 2020 election.

Donald Trump on Saturday issued a defense of his “I’m coming after you!” threat, and many people aren’t believing it.

After pleading not guilty to charges that he conspired to lie about the 2020 election results and block a peaceful transition of power ― plus being warned by the judge not to try to influence or retaliate against witnesses ― the ex-president delivered an ominous warning on his Truth Social website:


The Justice Department cited the post in seeking a protective order from the judge overseeing the election case, noting concern over a “harmful chilling effect on witnesses.”

An anonymous Trump spokesperson later issued an explanation.

“The Truth post cited is the definition of political speech, and was in response to the RINO, China-loving, dishonest special interest groups and Super PACs, like the ones funded by the Koch brothers and the Club for No Growth,” the campaign declared.

The thrice-indicted GOP front-runner’s excuse pushed the needle on the BS meter for many users on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Trying to sell a bridge there,” one wrote.

“Somebody got a call from his lawyers,” another said.

Doubters also pointed out that the menacing Truth Social post appeared right on top of a video, which Trump titled “Welcome to the Fraud Squad,” blasting those who are prosecuting him in his legal messes.

Check out some critics’ responses here:


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